C.O.N.F.L.I.C.T Workshop With Robert Thirkell - 9-10.5.10


How to choose the most suitable format for a certain documentary?
How to turn a problematic rough-cut into a winning film?
How to resolve structure and narrative problems in a documentary story?


These questions and others were answered by British television producer Robert Thirkell
during a two day practical workshop in which he presented the model he created:
C.O.N.F.L.I.C.T – a model for creating strong documentary stories in the most suitable format
 (film/documentary series/reality).


65 Israeli filmmakers and producers participated. The workshop was a collaboration
of the DocAviv festival, the Makor Foundation, the Israeli Documentary Filmakers Forum
and Hypermedia which initiated and produced the event.

The workshop was held with the support of the British Council, the Israeli Film and Television
Directors Guild and the Israeli Producers Guild.

The workshop was hosted by producer Robert Thirkell who arrived from the UK especially
for the event. Thirkell is an expert in documentary formats and has a vast background
in creation and production of award winning television programs.
In 2006 he was selected as Britain's number one television producer in the list of the
100 most important media people in the UK (of Broadcast magazine).

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