Pitching Workshop - Cinema South Festival - 3.6.10


__A pitching workshop for young filmmakers was held in the frame of the 9th Cinema South Festival in Sderot. The workshop, initiated and produced by Osnat Trabelsi, is a collaboration of the Gesher Multicultural Film Fund, the Rabinovich Foundation – Cinema Project, the Israeli Documentary Filmmakers Forum, The Second Authority for Television and Radio and Cinema South Festival.

 The purpose of the workshop is to provide an opportunity for filmmakers making their debut to experience the process of presenting a film to funds,
broadcasting bodies and leading producers, and to assist them with getting
to know industry representatives.
participating filmmakers are students from diverse film schools in Israel who are
about to make their graduation film.

 The workshop was hosted by Danny Moja; the jury this year included
Liran Atsmor – Channel 8, Development, Eleanor Kovarski – Reshet,
Artistic Consultant, Documentary, Yoav Abramovich – Rabinovich Foundation,
Production Manager  – Cinema Project, Guy Lavi – Yes Docu, Director,
and Yossi Mulla – The Second Authority of Television and Radio, Executive Producer


 A 10,000 NIS award from the Rabinovich Foundation was given to director Doron Gerassi
and producer Adin Wiener from the Sam Spiegel School for their submission for
a documentary film entitled "Free Improvisation".

 From the jury's explanations: "The submission presents wonderful characters,
a humane point of view on relations between music and life and their separation".

 A 10,000 NIS award from the Gesher Film Fund was given to Ariel Chen from
Ma'aleh School for his submission for a documentary film entitled "Speculations".

 From the jury's explanations: "This is an intimate, courageous creation which touches
the complexity of life and belief".

 The jury mentioned the high quality of the projects and their presentation which improves
each year and indicates the importance of the learning process during
the annual pitching in the Cinema South Festival.

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