The Israeli Documentary Filmmakers Forum is a non profit organization working to
promote the documentary genre. With over 450 members,the Forum's activity focuses
on two aspects:
the promotion of the genre and personal promotion of the Forum's members.

To promote this special genre, the Forum keeps a constant dialog with funds,
broadcasting bodies, regulation and legislation bodies.

The Forum has and is taking a significant and active part in all issues and struggles
that currently face Israeli filmmakers.

Among the annual projects:

"The Israeli Documentary Film Competition": the competition, celebrating 5 years
to its foundation by the forum,    is the main stage for recognition of filmmakers and their
films and is a source of pride for those who care about Israeli documentary creation.

An annual catalog: the catalog's main objective is promoting Israeli documentary film in
Israel and abroad. The catalog is marketed to culture attaches in about 100 Israeli
embassies world wide (in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

 The Forum works and collaborates with the most important film festivals in Israel
(DocAviv, Haifa, Jerusalem and more)

We are working these days on an online documentary magazine and more…

 Personal promotion for Filmmakers:
The forum organizes workshops and professional conferences for its members


"Doco Minus 420" conference": a Filmmakers conference in Ein Gedi held in February.
Two foreign guests participated: Nick Broomfield and Erik Gandini.

"Applying to CoPro" workshop: was held in Tel Aviv on December 2009. The objective was
to enlarge the circle of applicants to CoPro and the workshop focused on the written
application itself, pitching and trailer.

 "Conflict" workshop: with Robert Thirkell, a senior BBC producer; collaboration within
the frame of DocAviv festival.

 A pitching workshop for young Filmmakers: collaboration within the South Film Festival in Sderot.

HD and documentary film workshop


There are more exciting activities planned for the coming year, such as:

A conference about marketing, distribution and new media


We keep in touch with the members using the website.

A newsletter about submissions, festivals, filmmakers battles, working opportunities,
festive screenings and more is sent at least once a week.


The Forum's website is interactive and it allows each member to open a personal webpage,
upload materials to the archive and "use" the site services for personal and professional self promotion.


link"Docu Minus 420" : Israeli Annual Documentary Film Seminr Ein Gedi- read more
linkProjects - read more

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